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As this is an art project for us, we do not have the capacity to take commissions at this time. The offer is humbling beyond belief and hopefully in the future we will have the opportunity to commission individual pieces.


We are a group of passionate artists who use art as a platform to tell a story or convey emotions that we have experienced.


A lot of effort goes into any design we make, be it time or creativity. Due to the cost of printing each piece we must be very selective of which ones will be released. 


As fellow art collectors, there is something to be said for a piece that is amongst a collection that is limited number. It gives the artwork added value to individuals who purchased them.


WTWCO was never intended or will never be a t-shirt company, we support many of our friends in their apparel company endeavors, it's just not what we do. Will there be shirts made in the future, sure, though it will be very limited. We wanted to be different by offering individuals art that will adorn your walls for years to come. 


I guess the real question is what does it mean to you? At the end of the day thats what matters. When you look up on the wall at your limited WTWCO piece and draw your own meaning from it.  


Yes, we do ship overseas although it does take longer due to Custom's process and local postal services. Please understand these orders may take a little longer than expected.


Please contact us directly through our email, wethewilling812@gmail.com. Please have your order number and contact information with your specific issue, so we can address it as timely as possible.


As we do not print our own artwork or apparel, sometimes these things happen. Please contact us directly through our email, wethewilling812@gmail.com and we will fix your issue.